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Play free games, no registration required! Free Games to Play is a selection of high quality Flash games, Unity 3D, Shockwave games and videos for your enjoyment. Play thousands of games in your favorite browser. Since there are so many games on this portal, we have added a feature for players so that they can add games to favorites and register to access their favorite games from other browsers and computers. There is also a leaderboard so players can view and compare themselves to other players. Check our privacy policy for cookie info.

Games are categorized into over one hundred categories. Discover the best shooters, strategy, role playing, tower defense, fighting, racing and girl games! When you play a game, the system pulls similar games and marks them as related. It also displays categories and corresponding games that fall into the same category as the game you are playing. New games are added on a regular basis. If some games don't work you might need to update your player plugin. Play more games at niche websites and have fun at the free games network!

Klondike Solitaire
Return to Earth
Dead End Street
Arkanoid Defender
Fatal Fighters
Detective Sir Biscuit
Strategic Tic Tac Toe
Cathode Raybits 2
Greatest Heavyweights
Double Dragon 2 The Revenge
Mutant League Football
Double Dragon 3 The Rosetta Stone
Mutant Fight Cup 2
NFL 98
Eternal Champions
Streets of Rage 2
WWF WrestleMania 95
NBA Live 96
Tony La Russa Baseball 95
Mutant League Hockey
Joe Montana Sports Talk Football
WWF Royal Rumble
X Jong
Robo Duel 3
Faster Than Zombies
Boxing Live 2
Shopaholic Rio
Rodrigues Revenge
Gods of Arena
Swords and Souls
Anime Fighters
Power Solitaire
Monster Craft 2
School Of Rock
Pool Bubbles
Robo Duel 2
World Tetris
Marvel Brawl
Streets of Rage 3
PGA Tour 96